swanny2 12:40 01 Feb 07

when i turned me Pc on this morning,i got this Message
Virus Found.. w32 Trojan Wee
Infected file c/program files ccleaner/uninstallexe

Can some one explain what this is please. i have a Router that me sons Laptop is Connected too ,thats kept on all the time. If that could have anything too do with it,im not too sure.
thanks in advance
Swanny :O)

  tullie 12:52 01 Feb 07

You have got antivirus and firewall software installed?

  malikbhai 18:38 01 Feb 07

1. Go to program files and check if there is any folder with the name ccleaner.
2. Uninstall ccleaner from add/remove programs.
Start >> run >> appwiz.cpl remove ccleaner. a full system scan using antivirus and spyware software.

delete temporary files and cookies .

i hopw it will resolve this issue.

for any further queries feel free to contact me .
i am working as technical support specialist.

  brundle 18:43 01 Feb 07

The genuine CCleaner uninstall program is called UnInst.exe.
Even so, telling someone to execute a file which may be infected isn't that smart (that is what using Add/Remove will do, run the program's uninstaller) ...the spyware/antivirus scan comes first.

  brundle 18:46 01 Feb 07

Depending on which program alerted you (Spybot in this case), this may be of interest click here

  p;3 19:19 01 Feb 07

what antivirus protection do you have on there and has the other computer declared any infection on it?
have you run a squared yet?click here

malikbhai ;as to suggesting contacting people off forum , that is really suggesting that only one person has/may have the answer and wrong or misguided advise can be given with no one able to see and help

  beynac 20:32 01 Feb 07

Sounds like a false positive. I agree with brundle - don't uninstall CCleaner. Check the "c/program files/ccleaner/ folder with a couple of antivirus/anti-spyware scans. I think you will find that it's clean!

(BTW brundle's link refers to Spyware Doctor not Spybot).

  p;3 22:29 01 Feb 07

what scans have you done on the computer yet?

  bof:) 16:12 02 Feb 07

try scanning with an online scanner such as:

Panda scan

click here

scan button is at the bottom of the page


  swanny2 10:16 03 Feb 07

Cheers i did a Ntl Antivirus scan and it said there was no Infections.Ive also ran a squared an Cc cleaner,seems ok .

  bof:) 13:39 03 Feb 07

good news then. can you please tick the resolved box thankyou.


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