Triple boot 98 2000 & ME

  WayneKerr 22:18 10 Mar 03

Can any forum member point me in the right direction for achieving the above.

It is required to test some software and I want to see how it goes.

While I am here, can anyone tell me how I can have netscape 4, 6 and 7 as well as IE 5 and 6 all running on one OS?

  powerless 22:36 10 Mar 03

Install 98 then 2000 and finally XP.

You can run Netscape and IE together no problem but different versions hmm...

When you come to install netscape change the location of the folder where each will be placed...

C:/Program files/netscape 4

C:/Program files/netscape 6

C:/Program files/netscape 7

  SMB Systems 01:49 11 Mar 03

you may encounter problems between 98 and me for stability i would put 98 on first drive with 2000 in 2nd partition then put me on a second hdd, use partition magic to multi boot, search the threads for more detailed instructions or search google this can usually help if more detail is required.

  powerless 01:53 11 Mar 03

Install 98 then ME and finally 2000.

  leo49 02:35 11 Mar 03

Using Partition/Boot Magic it's immaterial which of the 9x OS goes on first[I've done both ways and currently have MELite,98se and 2k in that order], with 2k on the 3rd partition ensuring the 2k partition starts before the 8gb sector boundary.I've experienced no stability problems having 98 and ME on the same HDD - why would you, there on separate partitions.The documentation with the Powerquest software is pretty comprehensive covering multibooting and there are a host of websites on this topic for further guidance.


  WayneKerr 10:25 11 Mar 03

Thank you for the comments. I will have a go and see how it all goes.

Best wishes,


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