Trend Micro Virus and Spyware Checker

  alltime 17:37 21 Aug 05

I am beginning to wonder if these antivirus programmes are as foolproof as they are supposed to be. The reason I have brought this to the attention of PCA is that i have found over past few months that i have been getting trend updates Twice daily,have spoken to a couple of friends who only get updates once every two or three days.
My suspicions aroused me when The microsoft security alert came up on the screen and said I had no anti virus in place.
I checked my anti virus was up to date and everything seemed to be in place and the real time scan was working. I used CW shredder and didnt find anything so i did a free check on the trend micro site which found about eight spyware, hackers adware,etc.( Most strange i thought)Could it be that TREND is spying on my computer? Anyway to cut a long story short i have managed to remove it all.
Has anybody else had any suspicions about these virus checkers,It would be useful to know your thoughts.

  Completealias 18:45 21 Aug 05

nearly all anti virus programs only check for viruses and you need dedicated software for scanning for spyware etc.

A2 click here

Adaware click here

MS antispyware if on XP click here

Spybot click here

Use any of the above in any combination at least 2 are recommend. If you are on xp then I suggest at least 1 of them is MS antispyware.

Also what firewall are you using?

I use Avast for my antivirus click here it is free and updates most days if not twice a day sometimes. You really can't run a pc without a antivirus and firewall if connected to the net.

  alltime 21:54 21 Aug 05

Ihanks for all the info, i will look at your links and see whats what

  ACOLYTE 22:01 21 Aug 05

I just scanned with Trend and it found 5 spy ware/malware items that all the others missed i scan regularly with all those that Completealias has linked too and none of them reported any spy ware at all.So its hard to say why some apps find things others dont its also hard to rely or
encourage others to use a program that may not be 100% all the time.I have used trend for online scans before and my system has been clean
its usually a good site,and it also a good thing to use with the rest to keep the pc clean.

  alltime 22:15 21 Aug 05

Ive been using trend micro for approx 4 years and havent had to much of a problem. I pay to have it updated every year as a friend of mine whom works for Microsoft said it is one of the best virus protectors. But why didnt trend (the one i pay for pick this adware,malware,hackers,etc up) When the FREE trend scan did. Does,nt make sense.
Thanks for your response

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