trend micro housecall

  pat2068 00:10 09 Jan 06

everytime i try to scan with housecall i have to turn my firewall of as it want download the files if i leave it on can anyone tell me why and how i can fix it thanks leo

  flimbo 01:10 09 Jan 06

I can't even get this new version of Housecall to work!

  pat2068 01:39 09 Jan 06

i had to go to the uk ireland to get it to work and then it wont download unless i shut down za leo

  rawprawn 11:21 09 Jan 06

Same here.

  march 13:01 09 Jan 06

I can't even get this new version of Housecall to work!

same here; tried several times wont even start to download.

  flimbo 15:18 09 Jan 06

it's a pile of pants.

  rawprawn 16:11 09 Jan 06

I would wait a while, I have used it since it was changed with no trouble. I think they must be having site ptoblems.

  rawprawn 11:08 10 Jan 06

Now working fully, and very good too!

  spuds 11:12 10 Jan 06

Tried this a few months ago, and gave up on it.

  rawprawn 14:06 10 Jan 06

Try again, you may be suprised.

  pat2068 22:43 10 Jan 06

i have just tried housecall again and it still want transfer the files with za running leo

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