Travelling - how to connect with laptop?

  BeeWee 08:38 14 Aug 06

We will be leaving this country in October to realise our retirement dream! We will be spending the next few years travelling the world.
I have bought a good laptop but can't work out how I will be able to connect to the internet to keep in touch with home, the news, the radio etc. whilst on the move.
Will I have to buy a bluetooth mobile phone?
Could someone please explain in simple terms what I should do?

Thank you

  ArrGee 09:28 14 Aug 06

Your laptop maybe wireless enabled already. If you post the make and model here, we can tell you. Otherwise you will need to buy a wireless adaptor. This can come in the form of a card that you can slot into the side of the laptop, or a wireless USB adapter that will plug into one of the USB ports on the laptop.

Once you have one of these (if the laptop is not wireless capable already), you could then find a 'WiFi' spot and use the internet.

A good number of major hotels now have WiFi spots within their bar areas.

  FelixTCat 09:28 14 Aug 06


These days, most people use internet cafes to keep in touch around the world. Most ISPs have webmail systems so that you can log in from anywhere in the world, but you don't want to continue to pay monthly fees. Tiscali has a free webmail service or you could use Hotmail or Yahoo.

Some places in the world have WiFi hotspots, either free or pay-as-you-go so you just take a wireless-equipped laptop and log on. You would handle email through a webmail service as above.

At one time, if you were a Compuserve member on a dial-up plan you could log in to a Point Of Presence anywhere in the world (just about), but this would require keeping an account in the UK and then paying extra to use a POP. I don't know if that is still available.

Happy travelling,


  ArrGee 09:30 14 Aug 06
  BeeWee 09:55 14 Aug 06

Thank you. I have a Sony Vaio VGN-S3HP which is wireless enabled.

I don't really want to use internet cafes as I like to spend time listening to radio progs. and reading papers online and chatting with friends on MSN at certain times etc. and thought that I would be able to do this privately. Also I have bought this laptop with the express purpose of using it whilst travelling.
The hot spots sound like a good idea will it be a matter of trial and error?
I am just going to look at the link and thank you for the help so far.

  ArrGee 10:11 14 Aug 06

Hotspots vary from place to place. In some hotels, you can hook up from your own room. In others, you will have to use the main reception/bar area. Then again, some cities areas are completely WiFi. Where I am living, half of the beach is a WiFi hotspot!

  recap 10:13 14 Aug 06

There are a nuber of hotspot websites that you could use to find a wireless network here are a couple I found doing a google (search criteria: wireless hot spots).

click here

click here

Hope these help you BeeWee.

Enjoy your world touring.

  recap 10:14 14 Aug 06

"There are a nuber" sorry that should be 'There are a number'

  anchor 11:32 14 Aug 06

Be warned, most WiFi hotspots charge for the service, (at least in the UK), and the cost could be be significant. £6/hour has been mentioned.

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