Transparent backgrounds in Photosuite - How?

  Alex Zander 21:02 24 Oct 04

The help section in MGI Photosuite says “After you have created your graphic, right click with the mouse over the color in the Color Palette that you wish to be transparent [I have done this]. Then, select the “Transparent Background” checkbox in the Save Image dialog”.

The problem is, when I click “save as” I am NOT presented with a “transparent background” checkbox. I just get the usual option to save the image as a jpg, etc. Clearly the Help function is missing something here. I don't really have time to wait for someone at Photosuite to get back to me as I must do this tonight, hence this request. Much obliged if anyone can help. Surely it can't be that difficult?!

  Eastender 21:51 24 Oct 04

I don't think you can get transparent backgrounds with jpg files. I have no difficulty with gifs.

  Alex Zander 22:41 24 Oct 04

Thanks. I switched to saving as a 'gif' and did exactly what the instructions said but it just saved it with a white background, so it's STILL not transparent. Any ideas what i could be doing wrong?

  Eastender 23:05 24 Oct 04

I use PSP and quite often have to reduce the number of colours to obtain a transparency, does your software enable you to reduce the number of colours to say 16?

  Eastender 23:09 24 Oct 04

Reading your answer more carefully you seem to be starting with a jpg, you will need to convert the jpg to a gif before you start and possibly reduce the number of colours.

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