Transferring XP licence to new computer

  Awestruck 22:11 24 Apr 07

I read in PC Advidsor March edition (Vista FAQ page 77)that both Vista and Xp can be transferrd to another machine as long as you uninstall the OS from the old system. I wish to transfer XP to a newly rebuilt machine as the old machine is on its last legs. How does Microsoft get to know that I have uninstalled it from the old machine. How do I obtain authorisation to transfer the licence? Are there different rules for OE XP installation disks compared with a retail CD?



  Fingees 22:23 24 Apr 07

You just instal it on the new machine, and activate it.

If it's XP it will probably activate over internet with no hastle, as records were only kept for the first six months of installation.

If it won't activate, you just call them and they will give you a number over the telephone, that will activate it

  Strawballs 22:23 24 Apr 07

You can only do this if you have a retail version and not an OEM (preinstalled on machine when bought)

  alan2273 23:20 24 Apr 07

In theory what strawballs says is right, but give it a try, as I have once transfered an OEM disk to another computer after a faulty PSU destroyed the one it was on.

  jam500 06:43 25 Apr 07

I have just changed my motherboard and used my oem key to reactivate windows after a clean install.

  laurie53 07:53 25 Apr 07

I have just re-installed an OEM version (about four times, but we won't go into that!) online on a new upgrade, with no problems.

However, although it's OEM I do have the full install disc, rather than just a recovery.

  hzhzhzhz 08:00 25 Apr 07

If you have a new machine ,then as far as I understand it, you will need a new OEM copy of windows.

  jam500 08:38 25 Apr 07

I just borrowed a friends full xp disc and used my oem key.

  wotbus@ 08:53 25 Apr 07

The disc is generic - the key is the key ;-)

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