Transferring video to DVD

  Sheila-214876 15:01 07 Jan 04

Apart from a DVD writer what else would I need to transfer my video tapes to a DVD disk? I was foolish enough to buy a Beta video a long time ago and have many beta tapes. I am in the process of transferring them to VHS but obviously quality is lost in the process. I thought it might be a better bet to transfer them direct to DVD. As with beta versus vhs there are many DVD formats like –r +r –rw +rw and also ram. No one knows yet which one will win out so I like the look of the LG 4040 DVD drive which is multifunction and seems to be able to take all formats. The other thing is, are all blank DVDs double sided. I have read that a DVD takes up to 4.7gb but with double sided you get 9.1gb.

  MichelleC 15:51 07 Jan 04

You'll need a decent capture or video card. AIW, Hauppage and Canopus are the best ones. You'd have to check whether they can recognise Beta format though. Nero 6 is a good burner and has the mpeg2 codec converter (best for dvd), already bundled so can convert from avi (it's uncompressed and is the format you'd be aiming for when transfered to pc).

DVD's are usually single, but the double-sided are quite pricey. (film-makers use industry layered dvd's so can fit much more on).

  Sheila-214876 16:06 07 Jan 04

MichelleC, Thank you for your response. The LG 4040 comes with Nero so I assume that means DVD and CD burners. My beta video recorder has two phono sockets (in and out) for audio and two bayonet type sockets for video (in and out), what sort of sockets are on the video capture card, so that I can get the right connection leads. I have checked some prices for blank DVDs which appear to be around £17 to £20 for 25 discs. I assume these are single sided?

  Worm of Doom 16:17 07 Jan 04

If you want extra capacity, I believe that dual-layer DVDs will enter the manufacturing stage in a couple of months, so you might want to wait for those to come out. I think they have a capacity of approx 9Gb too.

  MichelleC 17:01 07 Jan 04

Make sure it's Nero v6 (or v5 BUT build .10 or over for dvd burning). Someone else may advise on leads/connectors.

  dazzling 19:14 07 Jan 04

i have a hauppauge win pvr 250 capture card its like using a video recorder and easy to has s video in and composite video in the audio is a 3.5mm will also need some dvd authoring software i use TMPGEnc because invairiably the file is to big to go on one dissk and it needs to be in video ts format to go into a program like instant copy 7 to compress it on to one disk.hope this helps darren

  Pamy 19:32 07 Jan 04

Do not bother, the results are not worth it


  MichelleC 20:10 07 Jan 04

Pamy, you can get quite good quality if some rules of thumb are kept. You can get degredation from vhs to dvd due to capture/video card's quality of conversion to dv. Or it can be because the files to burn are too compressed. It can also depend on quality of editing (if any is used) and burning software. Plus all the other other requirements like DMA enabled, non-vital b/ground progs off etc.

  Bris 20:19 07 Jan 04

This might help click here

  Bris 20:34 07 Jan 04

Sorry previous reply was a bit brief and site is a bit techy. When you visit site click on products then conversion this will give a list of products which may fit the bill for connecting your video. I assume that you are able to connect your video to your TV via the TVs aerial socket if nothing else. I would guess that a PC analogue to digital converter would have a composite video input at least therefore you need an RF converter that will give you composite video output. If your video has composite video output then it should be relatively easy. Dont forget sound though as composite video does not include sound.

  Pamy 20:47 07 Jan 04


I have used an ATi radeon all in wonder card,captured without any compression etc. etc.

Ulead software Video Wave5.

The results were disapointing to me.

Since bought a DV camcoder, the results much better/more acceptable. Anolog Camera was Svhs but results were disapointing.


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