Transferring text messages

  frenchman96 16:08 PM 08 Mar 12

Hi Guys

My daughter has an Iphone 3G 16gb, and she wants to transfer some text messages for safety to her laptop.

Any ideas please

  northumbria61 19:55 PM 08 Mar 12

In order to transfer SMS from your iPhone to your computer you can make use of iTunes application.

iTunes will backup everything on the iPhone, including SMS messages and contacts. In iTunes, with the iPhone selected on the left, click the Info tab and make sure Contact syncing is enabled.

Can't advise any further as never used it.

  northumbria61 19:58 PM 08 Mar 12

Or you can use a 3rd Party program Tansee iPhone Transfer SMS

FREE trial version here enter link description here

  frenchman96 09:42 AM 09 Mar 12

Thanks 61

That seems to be the most common tip, apparently, if you have Itunes on pc and you connect iphone by cable, all content is backed up on Itunes.

I wonder if it can then be printed out from Itunes?

  northumbria61 14:43 PM 09 Mar 12

You can print out a list of all your albums so it should be possible - or use the copy and paste method. See here enter link description here


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