Transferring scanned documents

  cruiser2 28 Jun 11

How do I transfer scanned documents from my PC to a disc or memory stick? Have looked at the various menus but there is nothing which shows I can do this. They are shown as a separate file when I open "My Documents" Any help much appreciated

  Crosstrainer2 28 Jun 11

If the documents appear in the "My Documents" folder follow these steps:

1) Open the folder on your PC where the files are located

2) Insert your USB memory stick

3) leave the window with the documents you want to transfer open

4) open "My Computer" you should see your memory stick listed there

5) Open the memory stick icon so that you have a window

6) Highlight the files you wish to copy across

7) Drag them whilst holding down the right mouse button, or do them one at a time if you prefer

8) Don't forget to use the safely remove hardware option prior to removing your memory stick

Hope this helps!

  wee eddie 28 Jun 11

Even simpler: Plug in the Memory Stick > Right Click on the document to be transferred > Select "Send to" > Select the Memory Stick from the list of Options, with a Left Click > Job done.

You can send a whole Folder in the same way. If you are using the Stick as a Backup Device > When it says that there are already xxx Files on the Drive > Select "Replace all"

  cruiser2 04 Jul 11

Crosstrainer and wee eddie. Thank you for your advice. Have now transferred the files following your instructions. Another string to my bow. This post is now resolved


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