Transferring Itunes Library to new Laptop

  t_searle 17:43 15 May 06

Just got a new laptop and got it all file shared and stuff by going wireless. How do I transfer my library over to my new laptop? Are all my files safe or can other people on the internet see them when I am transferring?

  howard63 21:48 16 May 06

you should have the security system enabled for wireless use. Install I tunes on laptop and then copy your library from the pc to laptop. Make sure you load it to the same folder as on the original pc ie on mine it is in my docs my music

  ade.h 22:03 16 May 06

"...or can other people on the internet see them..."

No, unless a wardriver or snooper parks outside and connects to your network. And you're not going to leave your network open are you......?

As more people wake up to security, there become fewer vulnerable networks, so the next weakest targtes become at risk where they were usually not at risk before. WEP is crackable in about five seconds flat (just Google "wardriver" and you'll see how easy it is) so the sensible minimum requirements are: unique or hidden SSID, WPA or WPA 2, MAC address filtering and sensible firewall protocols. Read up about SPI firewall protocols if you are unsure.

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