Transferring hard drives (relatively urgent please

  TheTerminator 19:01 30 Apr 04

I'm at my parents house about to set up a new computer for them. Their current old computer has a partitioned hd into 3 parts: c drive (system), d drive (my docs, pics etc) and e drive (backup). If I transfer this into a slave drive on the new computer, will it be recognised as 3 drives separately? I don't want to have to go to the trouble of installing the hd to find it doesn't work really, so anyone wiser than me please reply!
Thanks. The urgency is as it's now 19:00 and I have an aweful lot of things to do tonight for them,

  powerless 19:04 30 Apr 04

Yup, if you set the jumpers so its a slave drive, yes.

Does not matter really whether its a master or slave.

3 Seperate drives yes.

Only problem you might have is with file systems.

  TheTerminator 19:08 30 Apr 04

There is one other qn which again I would appreciate a quick answer for, and I can not find the answers in the search here.
There is a command you can type in which allows you to check the bvalidity of all the windows xp files, something about "Start" "Run" and then something SRC.

Can you remember this bit of info?

  powerless 19:10 30 Apr 04

sfc /scannow

  johnnyrocker 19:10 30 Apr 04



  TheTerminator 19:10 30 Apr 04

over and out. any other problems, and you'll be the first to know.

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