Transferring firefox bookmarks and passwords to another account

  hiwatt 28 Sep 12

Hi folks, Can anyone please tell if there's an easy way to transfer my firefox bookmarks and passwords from one xp account to another?I googled but it seemed quite a tedious process? I deleted a couple of index.dat files from the admin account and they didn't go to the recycle bin?When I rebooted my main account was corrupt with my settings gone?I'll now have to transfer to my other account/profile and delete the "main" one.Any help is much appreciated.Thanks in advance.

  Woolwell 28 Sep 12

Don't know if this will work but it should. Open Firefox - Show all bookmarks (ctrl-shift-b) then on Import and Backup - Export to html - Save in public area or to memory stick. Close this account - open other account - open Firefox, Show all bookmarks again and import as html from saved location.

  AroundAgain 28 Sep 12

Hi hiwatt

I use MozBackup, a little free download. It will save all your settings, bookmarks, addons etc. You would need to install MozBackup on both machines. I find this brilliant, especially as I have Thunderbird, so it does for both.


The other alternative is to copy your 'Profile' across. Read here

Hope that helps you


  hiwatt 29 Sep 12

Hi folks,thanks for the replies.I ended up having to import them as a json file and put in all the passwords manually(luckily I had copies of them)What a day the whole account was corrupt so I had to make a new one and delete my main account. @aroundagain that little add on would have been just the trick but I only seen your post today.Oh well thanks anyway.I'll definitely back them up now.Thanks.

  AroundAgain 29 Sep 12

Sorry, hiwatt, that I saw your post too late to have been of help to you this time but, as you say, this little program will be invaluable to you in the future and for back up's.


  woodchip 29 Sep 12

Look under Favourites/Organise Favourites/Backup

  woodchip 29 Sep 12

It should come under Export, to a file or USB stick


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