Transferring Emails from desktop to Laptop

  Farleyjim 13 Jan 12

I wonder whether anybody can stop me going mad. I have been trying without success to export my email folders(Windows Live Mail) from desktop to laptop(also Windows Live Mail), both devices running Windows 7 Home Premium. I seem to be able to export folders to my desktop and copy them to a memory stick and when I go through the motions 0f importing it seems OK and I have got all exported folders in the left hand pane of Windows Mail, but it tells me that the folders are empty. I must be doing the same thing wrong over and over again @cos I keep getting the same result. I've looked at almost every article about this on various help pages so perhaps I've got a blind spot. Any ideas, please?

  Sea Urchin 13 Jan 12

Windows Live Mail tends to import mail into extra folders (rather than the default folders - Inbox etc). Check further down your folders list to see whether there are other folders lurking there. If so you can then transfer them to the correct destination folders.

  Farleyjim 13 Jan 12

Thanks Sea Urchin They are all where I would expect them to be, beneath Imported Folder. The only trouble is that when I click on any one of them I get a message saying "There are no items in this view" All imported folders are there. There is one thing which really baffles me. There is just ONE message from just ONE folder which I can actually read. It simply doesn't make any sense to me. Am I just being stupid?

  Sea Urchin 13 Jan 12

This taken from another forum - hope it helps

If you click on the imported folders it will say "There are no items in this view" but there should be an arrow beside the "Imported Folder" icon, click on the arrow, it should expand and show another folder, probably with your email in it, click the arrow beside that one too and your messages should be in there.

The arrow suggests that you click the folder, not the arrow itself, while actually one should click the arrow.

  ams4127 13 Jan 12

One way round might be to open an IMAP based account (eg. gmail) which you can get to link to your present account and import everything that way.


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