Transferring data from on pc to another

  Looby48 14:26 PM 13 Jul 12

The screen on one of my laptops is no longer working. I have lots of data that I want to transfer to another computer. What kind of cable do I use to do this?

  frybluff 15:35 PM 13 Jul 12

Just called "Data Transfer Cable". There are loads of them on Amazon for around a tenner (probably 20, at PC World). Never actually used one, so not sure if one better than another.

They are apparently pretty slow, so may not be best choice for moving a LOT of data. If you've got USB 3, and a suitable external hard drive, there's a program called "Windows Easy Transfer", available as free download, from Microsoft. You need it on both laptops, but bit quicker, and, as name implies, fairly easy to use.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:37 PM 13 Jul 12

Get a USB external drive case e.g. here

take drive out of laptop and fit in the case and then you can connect to any PC to remove your data.


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