Transferring colour slides to photographs

  Yimbo 11 Jun 13

I have some old two and quarter square colour slides from which I would like to have photographs (prints) made. Is this possible, and if so, what's the procedure involved?

Thanks fo any help - advice!

  Nontek 11 Jun 13

It certainly is possible,

Click here...

  Woolwell 11 Jun 13

Are you referring to 35 mm slides as other sizes may be more difficult? You will need a scanner that has a backlight and able to scan at a high resolution as you will eventually need to enlarge the slides. It can take a lot of time and may need colour correction.

  AroundAgain 11 Jun 13

I have got this little scanner, Veho VFS-004 and have been very pleased with the results.

It's not super-fast when scanning your slides but I am very happy with the results.

I'd recommend it.

  Yimbo 12 Jun 13

Thanks folks for your responses. I've followed your link, Nontek, and looked at some (though as yet, not all) of the scanners available - including your item, AroundAgain. They all seem to handle only 35mm slides, whereas as you, Woolwell, point out, "other sizes may be more difficult". My slides are the older two and quarter inch size.

Maybe the best solution would be to have them processed by a professional company.

I appreciate your help - thanks again!

  AroundAgain 12 Jun 13

Yimbo, do you have a slide projector and screen that you could project the slides to a screen? If so, it might be worth just trying to capture them on camera. I don't know what quality you could achieve but might be enough to be able to look at them.

You would definitely get better results using a proper screen, rather than a wall.

The professionals will obviously be very expensive. I'm just thinking of cheaper options to do this.

  BT 12 Jun 13

Many High Street processors will do this.

Snappy Snaps are one

Snappy Snaps


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