Transferring between hard drives

  moggers 17:03 12 Mar 06

How do I transfer games videos etc onto my new blank (slave) hard drive from my master drive I went to the program and selected send to but that just lists the floppy drive and desktop etc.

  Smiler 17:11 12 Mar 06

Just select the files in windows explorer and drag and drop then to the new location. If they are games that have been installed to run on the computer though it will be necessary to uninstall and re-install on the new drive.

  strech 17:12 12 Mar 06

i drag it there

  moggers 17:12 12 Mar 06

Thanks Smiler thats what I was worried about because I will lose all my game saves by uninstalling them guess Ill leave them where they are then (the games anyway) Thanks again

  Legolas 17:48 12 Mar 06

moggers find where the savegames are and back them up or drag them to the new drive then when you reinstall the game just put the savegames back and when you start your game they will be there. I have done this often when formatting.

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