Transferring from AOL to BT Internet

  bazza11 20:09 PM 11 Jul 12

I am planning to change from AOL to BT Internet as superfast Infinity has arrived here and Aol can't tell me when they will be able to improve on the 0.8MB I have been suffering for the past 11 years with them. Can you tell me if I can move my Aol e-mails to BT as I have a lot of them, or can I at least save them on my desktop so that I can refer to them? Can I also do the same with my address book? Thanks.

  Nontek 20:31 PM 11 Jul 12

Your emails and address book should not be affected by the change. I have BT Infinity and have improved from 1.9Mbps to a wonderful 73.10Mbps!

You will also get another email address, though of course you can get a free Hotmail address to use as an alternative, if you wish.

  Nontek 20:38 PM 11 Jul 12


  feb 08:01 AM 13 Jul 12

You can keep your AOL email address and access it through a browser at


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