Transfering video to PC for burning. How? Help

  rickf 21:23 07 Mar 03

Hi All,
I have a ti4200 which I think can capture video to pc. What cables do I need to connect the VCR to the card. The back of the VCR only has in/out audio and in/out aerial connections. Am I missing something? Info very much appreciated. Thanks.

  GroupFC 21:45 07 Mar 03

I have a similar question so i'm bumping it up to see if we can both get an answer!!

  GroupFC 22:43 07 Mar 03


  rickf 09:06 08 Mar 03

No one interested I guess. GroupFC. I don't think you can connect directly from the VCR to PC. Only from Cam to PC which I have done. I have played my old tapes thorugh the TV and record on to Cam, then transfer to PC and burn. Some loss of quality doing it this way.

  Cantillion 09:19 08 Mar 03

You can easily connect your VCR to you PC for video capture if your VCR has an S-Video/scart connection and there's a Video In connection on your graphics card. The video in connection is most probably an S-Video type socket - so you'll need a S-video cable, (or an S-video to Scart Cable).

Your graphics card may have shipped with a capture utility, but I would reccomend the excellent VirtualDub (search on google for a free download). You'll also have to ensure you've installed the video capture drivers that should have been shipped with you graphics card.

  GroupFC 12:45 08 Mar 03

Thanks for that.

I am really new to all this business and am learning all the time. How do I check if video capture drivers are installed if this isn't a really stupid question??

  rickf 13:46 08 Mar 03

Thanks for that Cantillion! rickf

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