Transfering Large files from PC to PC

  Woodmouse 18 22:45 25 Nov 06

Apart from a LAN cable, is there another way to transfer large files from one PC to another. My 2 computers are about 12 ft apart. As I am having problems with my LAN cable, I was wondering if I could utilize a USB port. Your comments would be appreciated.

  Technotiger 22:50 25 Nov 06

Hi, depends how large the files are - but I would guess that a 1Gb or 2Gb usb Flash-drive would be ok for the job.


  sean-278262 23:06 25 Nov 06

Install the hard drive as a slave in the computer needing the files. Copy to the master and then restore the drive back to the original PC. Easy and the cheepest option.

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 00:09 26 Nov 06

I would go with Creature of the Nite's suggestion, if you don't know what you are doing though; DVD's or CD's would be a way to go, atleast you will have a backup too.

  DJ-Garry 02:37 26 Nov 06

Dumping stuff to a CD or DVD-rw works for me if you have the burners, Garry.

  wotbus@ 12:08 26 Nov 06

I have used something called Superlink in the past, which worked very well. It's a high speed USB data with some sort of gizmo half way. I imagine it could be extended with a standard USB2 extension to give you the 12' . This is the sort of thing but I bought mine from UK somewhere click here

  wotbus@ 12:10 26 Nov 06

Here's where I bought it:
click here

  Strawballs 12:32 26 Nov 06

You say you are "having trouble with your LAN cable" is it the cable or one of the LAN cards (or onboard)

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