Transfering files!

  drdeath 17:56 14 Oct 08

Hello, I need help knowing how to transfer files from one user account to another ?

How do I do this please, any help appreciated.

  brundle 17:58 14 Oct 08

Copy them to the Public folder(s) as a holding area?

  drdeath 18:00 14 Oct 08

Ok whwere do I hold the public folder too pls?

  brundle 18:04 14 Oct 08

Click on the start orb, and type Public in the empty search bar. After a moment the Public folder should appear at the top of the list. Click on that to open the folder. It's the equivalent of the XP Shared Documents folder, all accounts have access to it.

Copy from one account into the Public folder, go into the other account, copy the documents from the Public folder.

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