Transfer pictures on the web to my computer and enlarge them

  weejohn28 23 Feb 12

Can anyone help me? I have a document on a web site and in the document is a picture, I want to download the picture and then enlarge it to a full A4 size, so that I can print it. I can down load the picture but I cannot enlarge it. Why? I am using WINDOWS XP. John.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23 Feb 12

What file system? .jpg?

  WhiteTruckMan 24 Feb 12

I suspect the picture is opening with internet explorer. Instead of double clicking to open it, try a right click-open with-windows picture and fax viewer. The zoom controls are the magnifying glasses at the bottom with the + and - in them.


  lotvic 24 Feb 12

For XP: Browse to where you have saved the picture, do not open the picture, rightclick on it and choose 'Print' then the Photo Printing Wizard will open and you can choose (tick) the picture and printer and then you will be given a choice of 'Layout Selection' and a print preview, so just follow the prompts.

  WhiteTruckMan 24 Feb 12

Ignore my last post. I wrote it during a bout of sleeplessness, so missed the part about printing it. I thought it was just enlarging to view some small detail.

Lotvics advice is good, but beware loss of resolution.


  weejohn28 24 Feb 12

Thank you all for your help, without it I could not have succeeded and would still have been floundering around. Weejohn.


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