transfer photos to camera SD card

  laptopdunce 07 Jun 12

I have transferred photos from laptop to my camera SC card, put them all in the DCIM folder along with all the other photos already on the card, they will all show when I open the SD card in the laptop but they wont show on the camera itself - why is this happening? the photos must be in the SD card but they dont show on the camera itself, its a Samsung L80 camera, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  john bunyan 07 Jun 12

This has been raised before. I download from camera sd card with a card reader,edit (get rid of red eye etc) then save on another sd and take it to ASDA to print. They do not show when loaded back in the camera. I think it a difficult one to solve.

  laptopdunce 08 Jun 12

there must be a reason why the file wont show when it IS actually inside the SD card, as it shows the entire set of photos (taken by the camera) and added to the same location in the SD card with photos that were from another source (but not actually taken by the camera itstel) its very weird, surely anything on the SD card should play in the camera? I have tried an SD card from ANOTHER camera and those play OK in the Samsung camera. Very odd. Laptopdunce

  hssutton 08 Jun 12

Yes there is a reason why you will have great difficulty in doing what you want. Metadata (Exif) is written to the card by the camera. This is done differently by various camera manufacturers.

Image editors have to interpet this info to create the image on your computer, during this process the image editor damages/alters or even removes the metadata. Without this data being present in it's original form the camera cannot read the file.


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