transfer music from external hard drive to new computer

  bundlebear 14:01 17 Feb 12

I have transferred all file from external hard drive to new computer successfully, with the exception of my music, I opened external hard drive and also windows media player on my new computer and dragged all the files accross, everything seemed in order, the music was organized in genre albums etc, until I tried to play the music and a window appeared telling me that the files were empty, I went back to my external hard drive and could open each album and play the music ok, so they were storeed on the external hard drive correctly, please advise a total rookie what I am doing wrong. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium, and Windows Media Player.


  Kevscar1 14:46 17 Feb 12

Drag and drop to a folder on your computer

  Woolwell 18:18 17 Feb 12

Copy them across to the Music folder.

  KRONOS the First 18:26 17 Feb 12

Don't use WMP just copy from MyMuic folder (old) to the MyMusic folder (new).

  bundlebear 12:18 22 Feb 12

I have tried the various ways suggested in my post to transfer files (music files ) from my external hard drive to my new computer (windows 7 wmp) without success. All my albums transfer ok,well organized and in different genres etc.. but no music when I try to open a track, I have received information from Windows Help, and they recommend WINDOWS EASY TRANSFER however the instructions to transfer from my external hard drive also appears to require connecting to my old computer, WHY? When all my files are on my external hard drive and I can play all my music from the external hard drive without any problem. FRUSTRATED. HELP

  Woolwell 12:27 22 Feb 12

This should be a fairly easy task. I transferred my music about a month ago.

Ignore WMP for now.

Open the folder on your external hard drive with all of your music. Select all and select copy. Open the Music folder on the new system and paste in your music.

Then open WMP and populate the library.

  bundlebear 16:35 22 Feb 12

Kevscar, Woolwell, Chronus, Thanks a lot I followed your advice and it worked perfectly, just a minor hicchup, a small number of my albums won,t play, a window comes up with this message. DOWNLOADING MEDIA USAGE, MEDIA USAGE RIGHT ACQUISITION

I have not got a clue as to what that means other than I need some sort of permission to play the albums in spite of the fact that I can play it on my external hard drive. Any suggestions.

  lotvic 16:52 22 Feb 12

Windows Media Player DRM: frequently asked questions

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