transfer hard drive to new pc

  spixworth 23:31 19 Oct 05

got new pc with winxp64 o/s. I would like to transfer my secondary hard drive from old pc (win xp pro)to new. After installing, it is seen in device manager, but no drive letter, it is not seen in my computer. I do not want to format because I want to keep photos etc.(It was slave in old pc) Have been into computer management but can't change drive letter there either.

  josie mayhem 23:48 19 Oct 05

Xp normally comes with a wizard that transfers files over from old to new?

Or If you know the make of your new hard drive, you should be bale to download a utility that will transfer/copy your old hard drive over to the new hard drive

  spixworth 04:16 20 Oct 05

dont want to transfer files. Want to keep second hard drive with everything on it.

  jack 08:34 20 Oct 05

My self built upgrade to 64bitMoBO/ processor, would not read the original disc and had to be format and reload.
Not quite the same as you if I read you correctly
you have Win64?
You could try putting the drive in a USB/Firewire caddy - both of mine work through this route.

  Prancer 09:24 20 Oct 05

I'm assuming you have entered the BIOS setup and the BIOS has recognised and assigned a drive letter to it? If not, your Windows will not know it's there.
If you don't know how to access the BIOS, just ask.

  billyliv 10:33 20 Oct 05

Hi, Check your jumper settings. Your new drive should be set as 'Master' and your old drive as 'Slave' without knowing the makes of your hard drives I cant advise on the jumper settings. Cheers, Bill

  spixworth 04:46 22 Oct 05

disc is set to slave, how can I assign a drive letter to it

  AndySD 06:10 22 Oct 05

Right click on My Computer then Manage then Disk Manager, is it there and does it say anything (like foreign drive)

  spixworth 07:22 22 Oct 05

its there as disc 1, healthy(active).
c drive there as disc 0 healthy(system)

  User-312386 07:27 22 Oct 05

right click "My Computer">Manage>Disc Management

Now right click on the drive in the lower pane and select "Mark partition as active"

  spixworth 07:31 22 Oct 05

that option is greyed out

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