Transfer Hard Drive

  darrenrichie 11:08 18 May 07

This may be stupid but if i clone my hard drive (currently 200gb) using True Image, to a new drive (320gb), will my operating system then go onto the new drive as well? I want to format the old one and use it as a second external drive (in an enclosure)for back up purposes.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:18 18 May 07


swap the drives and check it will boot Before wiping the old drive

  darrenrichie 11:25 18 May 07

Thanks for that. As my old hard drive is set up in 4 partitions, how will the extra space be allocated on the old drive? Will it create a seperate partition with the exttra space or would it allocate it to one of the existing partitions?

  darrenrichie 11:26 18 May 07

Sorry i meant to say "How will the space be allocated on my new drive"

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:58 18 May 07

It will not you will need to format the extra space as a partition.

If you want to merge the extra space you will need a partition manager like Parttion magic to do the job without losing your data.

DO NOT wipe the old drive until you have the new drive exactly how you want it.

  darrenrichie 12:43 18 May 07

Cheers for that fruitbat. Feel a bit more confident about doing it now.

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