Transfer Documents from C to D drive

  tonyq 13 Dec 12

I have just bought a Laptop windows 7.I have 2 partitions on the HDD C and D drive. I would like to move the photos music ect from the "C" drive to the "D" drive. I am not sure which folders to move,do I move the "Users" folder or Individual folders music photos ect,and which is the best way to move them.

  Chronos the 2nd 13 Dec 12

Oddly enough I have just finished doing this as I have changed my motherboard. Here are the instructions.

  tonyq 13 Dec 12

Am I ok to move the "Users" folder which contains the others pictures music ect.

  Chronos the 2nd 13 Dec 12

Do not understand your question. Can you explain a little more?

  Muergo 13 Dec 12

Latched onto this question which is very convenient as my "C" drive partitioned into two and first part getting full I wanted to move a big chunk to "D" sector.

Thanks for the link Chronos

  wiz-king 13 Dec 12

Be careful - d drive is often used to store the original 'recovery' files, you might be better to partition the disk to create an 'e' drive and use that.

  tonyq 13 Dec 12

Chronos the 2nd

When I open Windows Explorer and click on "C" drive,the top picture is what I see. The middle picture is when I clicked on Tony (My name). The bottom picture is the contents of Tony folder. So back to the posting you had trouble with. Should I transfer the "Users" folder with all its contents,the Tony folder with its contents,or am I better transferring individual folders as in the bottom picture.Your advice please.

  Muergo 13 Dec 12

Analysis of my "D" drive says it's totally empty.

  tonyq 13 Dec 12

Mine is at the moment!

  Chronos the 2nd 13 Dec 12

What I do is create folders on the drive where I want to move a folder to. Mine are actually already there as I boot from a smallish SSD,(128GB) which only has my OS and programs. everything else is on two 1TB HDD's one of which is purely for games.

On the other hard-drive I have all the individual MY folders Video,Music,Pictures and Documents I then, as in today after upgrading mobo and reinstalling Windows 7 is move the location of the individual MY to the 1TB HDD.

So the shorter answer is change the location of the individual folders rather than Tony.

  Woolwell 13 Dec 12

Some laptops (typically Acer) come with 2 equal partitions C and D and D is often marked data. I would follow Chronus' instructions. The user account will go to C. You may well need to change office settings etc so that it finds the D drive. The alternative is to regularly archive off slightly older documents, photos, etc to the D drive remembering to make back ups of both partitions.


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