transfer from computer to videotape

  Terry Brown 20:51 22 Aug 08

An elderly friend has some Video tapes, that need cleaning up and trnsfering back to Videotape, I have offered to put them on DVD, but he insists he wants them on tape.

I have a TV out on my computer via a s-video lead which I can connect to (via a scart lead) to a video recorder.
I believe it needs to be running at 60 mhz (refresh rate), but what I need is some software to activate the link.
Any Suggestions.

  Technotiger 21:09 22 Aug 08
  Technotiger 21:12 22 Aug 08

Hmm, I have just read the so-called reviews from my own link - I have WinTV2000 and it works perfectly ok. Of course you will need a TV Card in your PC, perhaps those doing the 'reviews' tried to use it without a TV Card - and yes, I believe there are plenty of people about who might try that.

  Technotiger 21:24 22 Aug 08

Or - if you can put them onto DVD, perhaps you could then record them to Tape from your DVD player - I can record in that way with my own set-up.

  Technotiger 21:25 22 Aug 08

PS - you could use DVDRW media and use it over and over to make the recording - again, this is what I have done quite often.

  Terry Brown 22:36 22 Aug 08


Thanks for your input, I never thought about transferring to DVD and then back to tape via a DVD player.

I have a pinnacle PCTV card (TV in), and I can use Nero 7 to burn to DVD,Connect the two by scart cable and it should work.

The TV out I have is on the Nvidia PCI graphics card, but for some reason I cannot 'tune' in the video to get a good recording.

  johnnyrocker 22:43 22 Aug 08

connect your svs out lead to an adaptable scart socket for pc available from click here and others, then there is no need for tuning, dont forget a seperate audio source


  Technotiger 23:04 22 Aug 08

[URL=click here]

This is the adapter I use, this enables audio connection as well.

  Technotiger 23:45 22 Aug 08

[URL=click here]
for recording Camcorder/PC to DVD to VHS simultaneously.

  kjrider 09:37 23 Aug 08

If you transfer the video tapes to 'clean up' and then transferr back to VHS you will lose out in the quality.

What exactly needs cleaning up? If you trasnferr them all to DVD, at least you can keep them as they are, and its quick and easy to make extra copies.


  Glyn-252301 14:18 23 Aug 08

Try Audacity its free and I have used it for simular jobs that you mention click here

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