Transfer & Editing AVCHD Video

  amyjen7 26 Sep 11

Hi I posted this earlier but the responses did not really address the point. Namely is their software on the market which will enable me to put on one DVD disks AVCHD video and photos a simple process when I had a camcorder with Pinnacle but this format seems to complicate matters and I can't understand why in this techno world we live in. I have the most recent Sony PMB software and yes I can convert AVCHD to a DVD disk but it will not allow photos to be added. Help as I would love to put the two together as we had a wonderful trip to Florida with the grand kids. Sorry to be a pain!!!!kind regards

  Bapou 26 Sep 11

I make photo slideshows with a program called Pictures to Exe from Wnsoft. Version 7 has just been released which includes a feature to include video within a photoslide. It's a feature which does not interest me but many regular users on the forum seem excited about the announcement.

I may be reading your question wrongly but Wnsoft's website will prove it one way or another. PtoE comes at a reasonable price considering it's a one off payment, all updates are free. As I read it, the DVD Builder comes licenced for 3 years although the main slideshow section remains for life.

Hope this is what you are seeking.

  eedcam 26 Sep 11

Well you can put AVchd video onto a standard dvd as it is and wil play in blu ray player but adding photos well if you convert the avchd to standard video even Wmm will do video and stills as will most editors all mine will. Must admit never tried it with avchd and stills would think the only way with that might be create a slide show convert to avchd .


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