Ozy 09:47 30 Oct 12

I have two hard disks,one 160Gig, and one 40Gig, by mistake I installed windows 8 Pro on the 40 Gig disk, now I only have 7Gig left on that drive. how do I transfer (if possible) on to the 160Gig drive

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:12 30 Oct 12

Personally I would leave the op system on the smaller drive and install programs and data on the larger one.

However if there is nothing on the larger drive you could "clone" the smaller drive to the larger one

  Ozy 14:14 30 Oct 12

i downloaded xxclone, installed it , ran it, it said it was not compatable with windows 8, and told me to go to pixelab site for latest version. I did this installed it and got the same result. can you think of any other clonedisk I could try

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:35 30 Oct 12
  Ozy 13:52 31 Oct 12

using Easeus i have now got windows 8 on the small drive as C:\ drive, and windows 8 as E:\ drive on the large drive. what do I do now?, can I format the C drive? will the E drive then bootup?

  lotvic 13:17 01 Nov 12

You cannot format the C drive, you are using it, you cannot tell it to delete itself......

First, to check that the cloning was successful, remove the small C: completely and put the E: in it's place, it will be automatically become C: (and no longer E:) and reboot the pc to make sure it is working ok.

Effectively what you need to do is swap the cables and leads from the harddrives over so that E: becomes the new big C: then your old small C: will become E: and you can format it.

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