Tracing my details through ISP Number

  modsteve 08:32 30 Jun 08

My wife recently received an email from her ex via my website. I returned the email, asking him not to bother us. Now he claims that now he has our isp number he can find out all our details, including our home address and telephone number.
Is this true, my wife is rather nervous.


  birdface 09:04 30 Jun 08

Hi.You already have this thread running in Absolute beginners.I can understand your hurry to get this problem resolved.But it will only confuse those trying to help if they can't see all the answers.So maybe if you close one of them it may help.The Helproom may be the best one to keep.

  Technotiger 09:06 30 Jun 08

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He is mostly bluffing - he cannot find out actual details like,address and phone number. On the link I have given you, you will see instantly what info anyone would have re your own IP number.

In my own case - it has guessed incorrectly, that I live in a town approximately 25miles from my actual home town. It certainly can not show me my telephone number and address.

  Halmer 09:10 30 Jun 08

10 mile out.

  jolorna 09:53 30 Jun 08

do you have a domain name then when you said he contacted via your website, if you do have a paid for domain name he can get your details from that

  Technotiger 10:00 30 Jun 08

Personal details - How?

  Technotiger 10:04 30 Jun 08

For instance - this is my sons' own website, can you tell me his home address and phone number?

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  Technotiger 10:17 30 Jun 08

Hi, I bow to your superior knowledge! Very many thanks for adding to my Personal Knowledge-base.

Never too old to learn - nor to admit to my own mistakes!!

And apologies to jolorna!! And to modsteve - I guess you may need to perhaps re-register, if your domain name is registered under your own name.

Thanks again!

  ronalddonald 10:40 30 Jun 08

Get your wife to change her email and add no's to it for instance smith12112@ whatever!

That way he cant harass you and you dont have anything to do with him. Its worth doing if u dont want hassle.

  jolorna 11:54 30 Jun 08

Technotiger i couldn't reply to you as i had to go out to a funeral but i see Midgetninja has answered for me i was not going to put a link in untill modsteve had replied

  Technotiger 12:00 30 Jun 08

Perhaps modsteve's domain might not be registered in his name - in which case, I guess my first response may be accurate enough.

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