TP Link wireless router

  Simsy 19:50 10 Feb 14


I've just bought/received a TP link router. It's this one, from amazon; click here bought another TP link router, about 18 months ago, and it's been brilliant!)

This new one, (which I was intending to use as a bridge), I am returning, because it doesn't have a UK plug style adapter... it has what appears to be a european style one.

The one I bought 18 months ago had a UK style one.

It was a sealed package, but the fact that I can find no mention of this in any of the gazilions of reviews for this on Amazon suggests to me that normally it does come with a UK style plug.

Can anyone whose bough a TP link product recently confirm that they had a UK style plug supplied?

Thanks in anticipation,




  Simsy 19:52 10 Feb 14

Whoops... something happened to the formatting there!



right at the bottom should be just before;

"bought another TP link router, about 18 months ago, and it's been brilliant!)"

Anyway, I hope it makes sense!



  Mr Mistoffelees 20:25 10 Feb 14

Most likely just a one-off mistake. Amazon usually put errors right quickly and without quibble.

  Simsy 21:15 10 Feb 14

Yes... I know amazon are good... it wasn't their fault. The box was sealed in the original cellophane...

I'm wondering if this is now the "norm" for TP link?

If it isn't then maybe it's a batch meant for europe that's got into their, (Amazon), supply chain.

Anyone else able to comment, based on recent experience of TP link purchase?




  Woolwell 22:43 10 Feb 14

It would seem that you are not alone in get a European version Amazon review

  Woolwell 22:43 10 Feb 14

getting not get!

  Simsy 11:05 11 Feb 14

Thanks Woolwell...

Yes, you're right, that is a pic of a UK plug adapter.

Maybe they're able to sell them so cheap becaussue they got a deal on surplus euro stock?



  Simsy 11:06 11 Feb 14

I mean Jock1e !!



  lotvic 11:52 11 Feb 14

This conversation on Which website click here is interesting - seems to indicate it is illegal to be supplied with euro plug for uk purchase

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