simon_lambert 18:53 11 Feb 07

How long does it take to learn, is it worth learning, and is there any good (free) software that helps you to learn? Thanks, Si

  chub_tor 18:59 11 Feb 07

Yes it is worth learning - I am well over 60 years old and started with Mavis Beacon 8 from a magazine cover disc some 3 years ago. It was the best thing I ever did and has enabled me to type quickly and mostly accurately as long as not too many numbers or symbols are involved. I found that the Microsoft Natural shaped keyboard suits my fingers as it gives a bit more space for my old hands. If you practice an hour a day you will be amazed that after 3 weeks or so you will have mastered all the alphabet keys. I say give it a go and you will soon forget about looking at the keyboard while you type.

  SANTOS7 19:01 11 Feb 07

How long does it take to learn,
Depends on how you apply yourself to the task.

is it worth learning,
Only if you think it will suit your purposes..

click here

good luck..

  pj123 19:07 11 Feb 07

It takes as long as you are prepared to practice daily.

I used to teach typing before I retired. The classes I took used to do 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon.

The minimum speed needed to pass an RSA exam is 45wpm.

I aimed to get my classes up to that speed in 8 weeks.

My own typing speed at the moment is 70wpm.

You could try this one:

click here

or perhaps this one:

click here

  silverous 19:13 11 Feb 07

I think it depends on how much typing you are going to do. I don't do touch typing but I can type as fast if not faster than those who do. Maybe I'll get R.S.I with my method but it works.

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