touch pad

  matofthemint 22:41 07 Jul 10

I need to make some adjustments to my touch pad, but I can find it. How do I get to it?
Dell laptop

  MAT ALAN 22:45 07 Jul 10
  matofthemint 01:03 08 Jul 10

Thanks, Mat, but I don't have a touch pad tab.

  MAT ALAN 07:55 08 Jul 10

try "mouse pointers"...

  matofthemint 11:46 08 Jul 10

I tried everything under Mouse - nothing. For some reason the tab for touch pad has gone.

  MAT ALAN 11:59 08 Jul 10

click here
i have chose this link although it is for disable, EASY TO FOLLOW just reverse end process (to enable)

  matofthemint 12:35 08 Jul 10

My Control Panel doesn't have Hardware and Sound, or any thing close to it.

  MAT ALAN 12:59 08 Jul 10

It does you just haven't found it yet, change the way it looks "view"

Control Panel click on Tools->Folder Options->Classic View.

If its not there after that you have something fundamentally wrong with your lappy...

  matofthemint 13:08 08 Jul 10

It isn't there. Every thing works fine except for the lack of Touch Pad adjustments. The touch pad works very well, I just can't make adjustments to it.
Thanks for your interest and help.

  MAT ALAN 13:41 08 Jul 10

matofthemint, Have to say i'm seriously puzzled now, you cuold try a repair instalation
click here
(no loss to files or folders)

  matofthemint 13:55 08 Jul 10

Thanks, Mat. I might give it a try, but so long as every thing is working I can put up with not being able to adjust the touch pad.
Again, my thanks for all your help and interest.

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