Totally getting rid of Kazaa & Imesh?

  AdventCalendar 11:10 14 Apr 04

I know alot of people dont like these types of programmes, but i had them on my Laptop a while ago, and thought id got rid of them, but whilst removing a programme yesterday i noticed they were still in the control panel. :(

When I click remove Kazaa it says:

"Error is C:\WINDOWS\system32\cd_clint.dll
Missing Enrty: ServiceRunDll"

and when i click to remove Imesh it says:

"Could not open INSTALL.LOG file"

I have done a search and found there to still be a fair few files for each programme lingering about.

Can anyone help please?



  mammak 11:15 14 Apr 04

AdventCalendar not sure about imesh, but i have heard a program being mentioned on the forum
called "kaazabegone" not sure where to get though
regards Mammak.

  mammak 11:21 14 Apr 04

found this.
click here

  Clint2 11:22 14 Apr 04

Could try this click here

  ened 11:37 14 Apr 04

AdventCalendar What is wrong with Kazaa?
I have it installed but haven't used it for about a month because the downloads slowed to a crawl, but is it still working in the background?

  Ironman556 11:44 14 Apr 04

Spybot: click here

Adaware: click here

Both programs search your harddrive for known adware and spyware, some things missed by one program will be picked up by the other.

ened: Kazaa (and many similar programs) come bundled with huge amounts of spyware and adware which run on your pc with (and I think also without) kazaa running, and you accept them when you click yes to the licence agreement and install Kazaa.

Did you ever try Kazaa lite and wonder why the download was so small compared to Kazaa? That's why. Lite was the version stripped of spyware & adware.

  AdventCalendar 11:48 14 Apr 04

Its all the ad and spyware that come with it, plus i dont use it.

  AdventCalendar 11:49 14 Apr 04

Clint2....your reply seems great - but im not technically gifted when it comes to stuff like that, and i was just lost in jargon TBH mate...:)

Im sure i saw a programme a while back that you run and it removes Kazaa completely?

  mammak 11:54 14 Apr 04

AdventCalendar i gave you the link to the programme to remove kazaa.

  AdventCalendar 12:07 14 Apr 04


Ive just run the programme, and its moved/deleted all the contents of 'my shared folder' which had approx 500 files in there. :(

Where will they have gone?

  anon1 12:48 14 Apr 04

They went with kazaabgone. For the other poster who asked about kazaa it is full of spyware I would certainly NOT let it run in ther background and if you look in the options you will see (under advanced ) mention of a supernode and if that is not ticked (" do not function as a supernode") it will eat up your rescources. It is also worth pointing out that the vast majority of "new" music is now being corrupted. If you are using Kazaa check your music files and if they are corrupted delete them. The corruption comes in the form of very loud noise after about 30 seconds of music. click here

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