Totally foxed.......

  Octoz 09:07 02 Mar 04

Can someone please help me make sense of what I am trying to do.
20GB HDD running Win98 2 partitions C&D 10GB each98 on C Primary device on IDE channel.
40GB HDD running Windows XP pro, 5 partitions of various sizes, slave device .
Have just purchased a 120GB HDD.

I would like to make 120GB HDDthe primary device with 40GB as slave. I have tried cloning 20GB but receive a boot error message when trying to boot from cloned partition.
Can somebody please give me an idiots guide, I am usually fairly adept but now cannot see the wood for the trees.

  Octoz 13:32 02 Mar 04


  tenplus1 13:55 02 Mar 04

Save time by just copying the files from your 20gig c & d onto your 40gig drive, skip the win98 os files and leave it at that...

  MichelleC 13:56 02 Mar 04

You've fdisked 120gb and formatted and partitioned click here? Not sure but I think system drive (originally from primary partition (cloned from 40gb) should go on primary dos partition. If you've cloned a primary partition and put it in extended or logical one it may not boot. I could be completely wrong, but this will bump you and hd aces will probaly come in.

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