DAD7 14:41 17 Aug 05

I have recently purchased the Total War Rome game, to play on my laptop. My laptop spec meets the requirements on the box to play the game but the game is really sluggish when I play and the mouse is very slow responding when it is moved around the screen. Could this mean that I need more RAM or will I have to upgrade my graphics card?

  Phil930 14:58 17 Aug 05

That game is a system hog. Its fine on the large world map but as soon as you enter battle scenes it really slows up as there are thousands of men on the field.

Its a combination of factors playing it on the lap top. A new graphics card or memory will help but will only identify the next limiting factor of playing it in a lap top, which I guess may be the CPU.

Have you a desktop you can play it on?

Finally, have you tried running the game at lower graphics options? Also look to close out all the background tasks that may be using the CPU and memory.

  citadel 17:54 17 Aug 05

when buying games it is best to go by the recommended requirements as these are more accurate. Rome total war has patches that improve gameplay.

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