Total Physical Memory

  highside 12:54 21 Jun 05

Help please,
I know whay RAM is and how much I have got also basically what Total and Virtual Memory is but why- If I look in System tools- system information does my Total say 768.00 MB when I have 512MB installed. In My Computer Properties RAM is shown as 512. I know its not all available for user use but where does the extra come from to make 768? Or is this RAM plus system memory.
Sorry if its a stupid question

  gudgulf 14:44 21 Jun 05

I've just checked my system in the same way and it tells me I have 1536MB....which is the amount of ram memory fitted(2x512MB and 2x256MB).I would be tempted to remove the ram sticks and check what they actually are.It looks like you have 768MB fitted and not 512MB.

You could download Everest Home click here which will give a more detailed check of the it and click on Motherboard then select SPD which will give details of each individual memory stick.

  highside 22:51 24 Jun 05

gudgulf thanks for your reply, ran everest - it shows 512 interesting that syst info shows 256 ontop ie 768.

just a thought what mem is on your graphics card?

I believe that figure includes the virtual memory which is a space on your hard drive that acts as if it were RAM (although it's not as fast) so that your computer can keep running when you excede it's RAM limit.

I would download Everest as gudgulf suggests as it has a page on memory and will show you exactly where the mystery RAM is coming from.

just checked and realised that Physical memory does not include virtual memory sorry.

I checked on my computer and it did report the correct amount - 512.

Sorry about that last post.

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