Total Pc encryption

  inneedofhelp 23:53 06 Oct 05

I want to encrypt my entire pc.

Any good programs out there that do that? Freeware or paywere.


eg to run on winXp home

  johnnyrocker 23:56 06 Oct 05



  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:07 07 Oct 05

Working for MI5 then?


  johnnyrocker 00:14 07 Oct 05

nah they very public these days need to dig deeper;))


  inneedofhelp 00:18 07 Oct 05

I do some work from home, and i need to keep it safe, esp if some1 trys to break into my house and steal my pc.

  johnnyrocker 00:21 07 Oct 05

do a complete back up to a seperate hard drive and then set a password for access to pc which is highly unlikely to be accessed.


  DieSse 00:26 07 Oct 05

Put your hard drive into a removeable caddy, then take out the caddy and lock it into a safe when you leave home - or take it with you.

Otherwise, even if your data is encypted, if it's stolen, you've not even got it anymore.

  inneedofhelp 11:55 07 Oct 05

suppose so, would it not just be easier to use an encryption program to encrypt the entire thing, so it wont even boot until i supply the password

  bremner 12:03 07 Oct 05

Staganos Safe was on a PCA cover disk a while ago. click here

PGP click here and BestCrypt click here would also do what you require.

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