Toshiba satellite hibernate error

  bmori 20:26 21 Jul 03

When I close the lid on my tosh it will not go into the hibernate mode. The display blanks and the pc generates an error message which is dispayed when the lid is opened. I have updated with all the microsoft XP updates but there is no change.

Anyone experienced similar problems?


  davidg_richmond 21:10 21 Jul 03

Try closing as many background apps/tasks as you can (leaving any important or unknown ones alone) and try it again. Do the same with unplugging any peripherals you have.

What is the error message?

  keith-236785 22:00 21 Jul 03

check the power management options in control panel/power options (hibernate). also check your bios for a setting for what to do when the lid closes, it might be your bios is wanting to do one thing and windows is wanting to do another.

good luck

  davidg_richmond 08:56 22 Jul 03

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many thanks David you provided the key. If I opened task manager it showed no applications running. However if I log myself off the pc, and there are no other users logged on, it then allows it to go into Hibernate

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