TOSHIBA Portage 100 does not like Ubuntu

  SparkyJack 16 Mar 13

This elderly notebook has come my way; and I thought it would be nice get rid of XP Pro and make it a totally Linux machine. To this end several magazine distro's and a dedicated CD of UBUNTU 10 are available. All have been tried and all have failed to either load the 'Run from disc' option or to do a total install. Each attempt failure is the same for all. The UBUNTU screen comes up and shows progress bar. A restart is indicated. POST asks select Windoze or Ubuntu. Select Ubuntu- the load screen runs then comes message ''Failed to find shell to load to'' Several thoughts come to mind- not enough HD space-10 Gb available- or the build wont allow it. Intel Mobile premium M 1.4 HD Max 32 Gb 1Gb RAM

One last hindrance Taking the HD out to format externally is a NoNo it is situated internally in the unit with no external access 'hatch' Last thought – the XP installation seems different somehow- works OK but shows it's difference in the 'Shut-down; sequence-- the stand by/hibernate button is greyed out thus does not work.

Any thoughts welcome'

  finerty 16 Mar 13

if u have acronis try wiping the hard drive and then reinstall a distro

  LastChip 17 Mar 13

Two things to try.

  1. Try Puppy Linux - it's a minimalistic distribution that need few resources to run. If that fails, you have to question whether you have a hardware problem.

  2. Use your Ubuntu DVD and at the menu, run the memtest option and let it complete. It maybe memory corruption (I've had a couple in the past month).

  SparkyJack 17 Mar 13

Thank you both

Acronis not available

have carried oit disc clean up and Defrag- that gained a gigabyte

Will download and take a bash at 'puppy'

'crunch bang has also been recommended'

Do you know that one last chip?

  LastChip 17 Mar 13

Yes, CrunchBang is also a very minimalist distro, but is less easy to use than Puppy. I've used it in the past and it's fun, but not the easiest in the world to get to grips with.

Unless it's changed, there's no conventional menu system, you simply right-click on the desktop (if I remember rightly) to bring up a context sensitive list of applications.

It's not that it's bad, just different. It is however, very, very fast.


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