Toshiba laptop...dark screen help please

  bof:) 14:21 08 Jun 06

Hi all, my friends has a Toshiba SA30-203 laptop with winXP on it.

When you boot up, the screen is that dark that you can hardly see any icons.
I've managed to change the desktop colour to white so you can see the cons better.

In the instruction book it says press the Fn+F7 keys to increase the brightness. I've tried this, it did not work.

I've also tried the Fn+F6 key to decrease the brightness....nothing happens.

Any ideas on how I can get the screen back to full brightness?

Many thanks,


  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:05 08 Jun 06

It is usally in the power management settings whee you can enable a darker screen when using battery. It can also be a seperate rpogramme in control panel. If this is not the problem here can here

  bof:) 15:16 08 Jun 06

Hi GANDALF <|:-)>, the laptop is running on mains because battery is dead. I've looked in the power management setting in control panel (difficult to do) and and thy seem ok.

I'll have alook at the link you've supplied.

Thankyou, Mike

  bof:) 15:22 08 Jun 06

Hi gandalf, I've read your link and I'll tell my friend what you've suggested.

Thanks again, Mike

  David4637 18:29 08 Jun 06

I have a Tosh lap and its FN + F7 to brighten. You obviously need another way to do it? David

  SANTOS7 18:38 08 Jun 06

click here
it may be a backlight issue....

  bof:) 12:58 13 Jun 06

Hi all, David4637, I have tried FN+F7 and FN+F6 buttons as I mentioned in my original posting, it does nothing. Do you know of any other way it can be achieved?

SANTOS7 thans for the link, its better if you can see the backlight replacement in picture form. GANDALF <|:-)> already suugested that this may be the case.

I've spoken to my friend about this, she says she will get back to me,now its just a case of waiting for her to decide what to do and I guess tracking the parts down if she wishes to have a go at changing the backlight herself.


  David4637 15:14 14 Jun 06

It could be the backlight thats gone or the inverter board. Both these parts seem to be quite costly. Might be worth trying to replace the backlight first. If that does not work its probably not worth proceeding further? David

  bof:) 10:12 16 Jun 06

Hi David4637, I'll pass this on to my friend and see what she says. Any thoughts on the best place to get a backlight from?


  SANTOS7 10:14 16 Jun 06

click here
link to home page is at bottom...

  woodchip 10:21 16 Jun 06

Back light go on the monitor

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