Ventad 15 Aug 11

I am not getting any sound through the speakers on a Toshiba L500, W7 64bit OS 4GB RAM. If I plug in headphones sound OK and if I unplug the headphones I get sound from the speakers until I reboot again then no sound. Any Ideas please?

  northumbria61 15 Aug 11

Go to Control Panel - Sound - check your settings.

  Ventad 15 Aug 11

northumbria61 should have said I tried that just looked again and speakers are ticked as default device, even when I test the speakers the visual sound waves come from the speakers on "configure" but no sound.

  chub_tor 15 Aug 11

I believe that the L500 has a rotary volume control on the front edge, has this been turned down to zero? Some other people have reported that this volume control is prone to dust and have cleaned it out with a short blast of compressed air. Try Googling Toshiba L500 sound problems.

  Ventad 15 Aug 11


Thanks for that I will give it a try tomorrow, the rotary volume control is full up though. Its got to be something in the boot up telling the Realtec HD to use the earphones or something like that but I cannot see anything pointing to that effect. As I said, if I plug in the earphones they work and pull the jack out and the speakers work ! strange!!

  Ventad 16 Aug 11

still the same.

  Ventad 16 Aug 11

"Now Working" After numerous times of rolling back the Drivers for Intel HD Audio HMDI and Itel HD Audio then downloading new drivers finally it has worked. Phew!!!


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