Toshiba laptop crashed

  sugarbabe 21:34 23 Dec 06

having problems with a toshiba laptop that kept crashing. trying to restore using the recovery cd - rom but gets a certain way through and then says extraction failed. now laptop won't even start up. fires for about 3 seconds and then dies. it is a toshiba satellite windows xp.

  Ashrich 22:19 23 Dec 06

Hmmm , sounds like a component problem to me , hard to say what it could be , although an extraction problem might be a memory or processor failure , I think you need to get it looked at professionally .


  Taff™ 11:45 24 Dec 06

Which model Satellite Pro? This may be a hardware component or just that the active partition (C) has become corrupted due to the failed recovery. Does someone you know have an XP Disc? If so we can probably boot off that and reformat the partition and then try again. Hope you had all your data backed up!

  sugarbabe 12:29 24 Dec 06

I have an xp disc but doesn't seem to power up. i will give it a try but am worried about when you have to put product key in as will not match the pc.

  sugarbabe 12:29 24 Dec 06

it is a Toshiba satellite 1130

  Taff™ 12:44 24 Dec 06

The product key should be on a sticker on the underside of the laptop - make a note of it. Can you get into the BIOS to set it to boot from CD ROM?

  Taff™ 12:46 24 Dec 06

Oh! And just to check - you have an XP CD and the recovery CD`s that came with the laptop?

  sugarbabe 14:03 26 Dec 06

I did set the bios to boot from cd but it got about 25% through the first cd then said "extraction failed" now will not boot up at all fails after about 3 seconds doesn't get to "post".

The xp product key is on bottom of laptop but it will not be the same as my xp cd aas that is from a different machine that is why i am worried about using it in case the product key fails. Then will have unverified version of windows.

  Taff™ 12:29 27 Dec 06

The CD Key on the laptop is the one we use because it belongs to the machine. The XP CD is the same for any machine. You shouldn`t have any problems with verification but even if you do a quick call to Microsoft quoting your original CD key and explaining the situation will resolve it. (This only happens when the XP CD used is a slightly different version than the original installation)

Basically you have nothing to lose here so the theory is that you install XP from the CD to get a stable version that will start the computer. Then you use the Recovery CD`s to return the laptop to Ex-Factory condition. Lastly you re-install all MS Updates and any other programs you use. (Note that all your data will be lost - It almost certainly is now anyway)

click here for a guide to installing XP from disc. Post back if you hit any problems along the way.

  sugarbabe 14:58 27 Dec 06

Have tried to run restore with xp disc and comes up with following error. " an unexpected error (1024) occured at line 5199 in d:\psprtm\base\boot\setup\setup.c. press any key to continue.

Have continued to install but when i select to set up windows xp on the selected item, nothing happens.

  sugarbabe 16:16 27 Dec 06


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