Toshiba Laptop Choice

  Joe G 18:50 28 Nov 09


Sorry about the length of this but grateful for any advice as always!

We have decided on a Toshiba laptop for my partner's son's Xmas present (considered Acer but a few bad reviews around and general tacky feel of the machines put us off). I have a few Toshiba products including laptop and have been pleased with all. After being annoyed that DSG has just put up the cost of our preferred model (L450 - 128 which has a Athlon QL 65 processor and 4Gb RAM) by £30 to £430 we are now looking at two alternatives. The L450 - 11V which has the QL65 processor and 3Gb Ram at £379 and a TOSHIBA-L500-1DT which has a Celeron T3000 processor and 4Gb RAM for £429. However having just checked Comet on the web they are offering theTOSHIBA-SAT-L500-19X lso at £429 (£449 in shop) This has the T4300 & 4Gb Ram and seems like a good deal. The laptop will be mainly used for watching DVDs streaming music & video and a little light gaming. Be glad for advice and perhaps an indication of how each machine would compare withmy Laptop which has an Athlon TK55 processor and 2Gb Ram. The salesman in Comet insisted the QL65 processor but I am sure it is a dual can someone confirm this. Thanks again for any advice.

  chub_tor 19:43 28 Nov 09

click here#$=&xcUI=profile=neutralprofile;&_1wk is the Toshiba Laptop Selector site, here you can not only look at the models you have chosen but select one that meets your requirements for DVDs, music, video and light gaming.

Toshiba and Asus recently came out tops for reliability, I have had a Toshiba P100 for 2 years now, excellent machine, but now out of date.

  morddwyd 20:02 28 Nov 09

Have a search of the forums before your final decision.

A lot of people, me included, have had reliability problems with Toshibas, particularly sudden and expensive mobo problems.

Their cast iron reputation of a few years ago is no longer quite so solid.

  Joe G 22:03 28 Nov 09

Thanks for those comments - a little worried that Toshiba have been suffering some reliability problems. Just checked the benchmarks for the Athlon QL65 and Celeron T3000 and they are very similar - I'd assumed that the Celeron would have been a poorer performer. Also both appear to be better than my Athlon TK55 which is good - would 4Gb of Ram make much difference compared to 3Gb for standard tasks & downloading?

  Woolwell 22:23 28 Nov 09

I haven't had ny problems with Toshibas. Have a look at their cash back schemes. Misco could be a good place to look for example click here
What does he want the laptop for?
32 bit doesn't use all of the 4Gb so 3 to 4 doesn't make much difference for that OS.

  Woolwell 22:26 28 Nov 09

Or see click here

  Simsy 02:58 29 Nov 09

what morddwyd descibes as; "reliability problems with Toshibas, particularly sudden and expensive mobo problems."

My Toshiba laptop, 21 months old and cared for, just blew it's mobo. An engineer looked at it and declared that he was having trouble tracking a new mobo down... but if he could the part would be circa £250.

At least it was no fix no fee!



  morddwyd 05:51 29 Nov 09

As per Simsy, except mine was just over two years old, and estimate for parts, from the States, was £369 + labour.

  Joe G 19:09 29 Nov 09

Well in the end we decided on a Toshiba with an Intel Core 2 Duo T6500 and 3Gb RAM which Comet were selling off as it was Vista. Decided to get te better chip rather than Win 7. Apparently it will cost £27 to upgrade to Windows 7 so I am not sure that will be worth it - is it really much better than Vista?

  Fingees 19:27 29 Nov 09

If you can get upgraded for £27, it's well worth it.

I put W7 on my desktop, for £49 as I pre ordered it.

I also upgraded my laptop for £59 and I don't regret it.

I was one of the people who actually liked Vista, but W7 is far superior as far as I am concerned.

It's faster for one thing, and doesn't hog the computer as much as Vista.

Anyway whatever you decide,
All the best.

  Joe G 21:43 29 Nov 09

Thanks I'll see how he gets on with Vista as I can upgrade until end of Jan - presumably upgrading only wipes out the Vista partition and not the data partition?

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