Toshiba Hard disks

  Rodman 01:03 24 Oct 07

Hi all

I am looking to put a new bigger HDD into a Toshiba laptop. Does anyone know of a list on the web, that will tell me what HDDs are compatible with the machine I have?



  AL47 01:21 24 Oct 07

when i did my dell xps upgrade i just whacked another one in, just make sure that if the current one is sata, say the replacement is too

i went 80gb 5400rpm to 200gb 7200rpm

  Rodman 01:59 24 Oct 07


I wasn't expecting a response so fast, another night-howler?

I didn't know if I could do that as Toshiba seem to be a bit perticular.



  AL47 02:05 24 Oct 07

yeah, i hate mornings!!

well if you can take it out you will be able to see the interface, drive speed, and capacity,

just keep the interface the same, sata 1, ata, that bit, i think my hard drive was toshiba then i went to hitachi, its one of the bits thats easier to do in a laptop than a desktop!

  Rodman 02:17 24 Oct 07

I'm at work at the moment so don't have a choice, about the morning thing.

I've had the thing out and it's definatly a SATA. I only want to change it cos' I hate Vista, and it won't let me re-format the HDD. So thought I'de get a bigger one while I was at it.


  AL47 02:46 24 Oct 07

yeah im reconsidering xp again, the colouefulness of vista isnt worth that much power!

everytime i get a bigger hd i refil it!

what laptop spec do you have?

  Rodman 02:52 24 Oct 07

Tosh Satellite, duel core, 1G ram, 80GB HDD, I'll be sorry to loose 80GBs of HDD. I wonder if I could re-format as a slave to somthing else? It may be worth a try!!

  AL47 03:02 24 Oct 07

try this
click here

  AL47 03:04 24 Oct 07

nite rod, im now very tired!

hope i was some help

  Rodman 05:42 24 Oct 07

Thanks AL

I've tried that already. It wouldn't let me select R for the repair. But thanks anyway.

I maybe I'm a bit late for this but, good night. Or maybe, good morning!


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