Toshiba A55 Latop - Power lights but no boot

  Jasper88 23:04 25 Jan 08

I have a Tosh A55 which is around 3 years old.

The green AC power light comes on and the amber battery light comes on. There's also a green light on the keyboard when "Fn" key is depressed.

When the on button is pressed, the green "On" light comes on but there are no fans, hard drives or screen display.

Could this be HDD/mainboard failure or am I missing something simple?

Thanks in advance, J88 :)

  Jasper88 23:28 25 Jan 08

Screwdrivers at dawn then... :(

Why do things have to stop working. If everything just worked life would be great (unless you are in the repair trade...but I guess then you would have chosen a different career).

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