Toshiba A300 power problem

  tich101 04:51 AM 04 Oct 11

Hi Toshiba laptop intermitent power failure. Didnt turn on at all and no lights at all whether on battery or ac charger. Took it apart and reseated memory etc. Found top connection on rtc battery was not connected to motherboard so resoldered it.Tried charger on another laptop - worked fine. tried battery on another laptop - seems ok. Put the laptop back together and it fired up first time. Turned it on and off 20 times or more and it fired up perfectly every time. Few days later it appears dead again. Could the problem be: 1. The on/off button ? 2. The power jack ? 3. RTC battery ????? 4.Something else I`m missing? Regards

  Nontek 09:02 AM 04 Oct 11

Probably RTC battery needs replacing - how old is laptop?

  tich101 09:22 AM 04 Oct 11

Really haven`t got a clue to be honest. My next steep was going to order a new battery and try that. Dont think its a motherboard problem cause it did work after the its initial "death".

  Nontek 10:10 AM 04 Oct 11

As I said, most likely needs a new RTC (also known as CMOS battery) battery.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:20 PM 04 Oct 11

If it works with battery removed and on mains

then probably dead cells in battery pack causing the problem.


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