Torrents and P2P Make me loose connection

  dave726587 00:07 13 Jun 08

Hi, im having a problem. Everytime i open a torrent program or p2p client and download something i randomly loose connection to things such as irc and sometimes msn. It also makes web browsing really slow. It even happens when im only using only 50 kb download speed and 5 kb up and i have a 5mbit connection. Im using a router and my isp is virgin, does anybody know how to fix this problem or what it is? please its really getting on my nerves.


  RobCharles1981 00:17 13 Jun 08

It looks like to me Virgin is to blame, as they do traffic shaping, for torrenting you should change to a far better ISP.

  brundle 00:32 13 Jun 08

It's true Virgin use traffic shaping but that's not the reason your internet activities suffer. P2P relies on large numbers of TCP connections being made, more than your machine can deal with. There are tweaks to alleviate the problem. Google is your friend.

  dave726587 02:18 13 Jun 08

hm but when i didnt have a router (connected direct to modem) i dont think i had this problem

  User-1229748 02:41 13 Jun 08

are you cable or adsl

  dave726587 03:02 13 Jun 08


  User-1229748 03:12 13 Jun 08

try connecting straight to modem to see if it improves.or turn modem off for 5 mins and then back on.

  User-1229748 03:16 13 Jun 08

sorry router

  dave726587 20:28 13 Jun 08

tried, no improvement :(

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