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  pcdimwit 14:15 21 Mar 11

I am trying to download a set of files from a site called The Pirate bay, the files are all in a "torrent" and I have NO IDEA how to proceed, there is a window with a long URL type text inside it and it says "dowload" but this jsut downloads VERY QUICKLY and its not the full set of files (these are about 20gb in total) so my question is: does anyone know how to use these sites for downloads Torrents?? thanks PCDMWIT

  Nontek 14:18 21 Mar 11

You are treading on dangerous ground - leaving your PC wide-open to various types of attacks/nasties!! Apart from probably also being in illegal territory.

  Sea Urchin 14:21 21 Mar 11

I wouldn't touch it with the proverbial barge pole!

  jimv7 14:21 21 Mar 11

click here

install U torrent and open the file you have down loaded with this

  Nontek 14:24 21 Mar 11

click here

and it is I believe, still a source of nasties!!

  pcdimwit 14:41 21 Mar 11

Hi, Its not a commercial copyrighted movie I am trying to download, I have downloaded that utorrent programme that you sent the link for, it comes up with a "web search" and I have put in "pirate bay", however it also says that you can use the download from any file sharing site, so could I just drag the file from Pirate bay that downloaded to my "doucments" folder and start it running that way?? thanks PCDIMWIT (is the very fast downloaded url type text from priate bay the kind of code that sets the utorrent programme running and downloading the "proper" vid files from the Pirate bay site?? I have had good comments on the forum of this site that the uploaded files are not scames or virus implanted so I kinda trust it (???) so far.

  lotvic 14:51 21 Mar 11

AFAIK The file you have got has come from someone's pc at home, could be anywhere in the world (just like your pc) Files are not held on Piratebay server. (Legalities aside, I don't trust files obtained in this manner)

  Woolwell 15:03 21 Mar 11

It is against forum rules to post links to sites that contain file-sharing software or such information.

  jimv7 15:19 21 Mar 11

Drag the file into Utorrent or when you click to download the file instead of saving it chose the open with option and pick Utorrent.

  lotvic 15:20 21 Mar 11

Last year the four owners of the Pirate Bay were found guilty by a Swedish court and sent to prison for a year click here

  jimv7 15:21 21 Mar 11

Woolwell, so according to you its illegal to download free linux o/s's

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